If you are a company and your employees often travel for work, this is the business travel tool for you, powerful, reliable and scalable.

Our platform is manageable for every need of business travel.

The platform includes all of your company's travel services

  • 1M Hotels worldwide
  • +4000 Transport companies including air carriers, ships, ferries, trains
  • Car rental with the best companies at advantageous rates

You can define the approval and control flow to various company branches, in order to approve and control employee travel

For most of your team, problems with travel start with the booking process. They know where they are going and for how long, but they don't necessarily know how to book.

Possible solutions:

  • Do you have an administrative or finance team member making the booking
  • Let them book the trip themselves but with very clear travel policies.

We think the second option is the best. Nearly half of business travelers want the opportunity to book themselves.

Our B-Travel system offers selective and multi-level access that allows your employee to independently purchase their own travel according to the rules set.