Kiosk 360

Multimedia kiosk

They were introduced for the first time in fast food restaurants, but now they are starting to take hold also for other realities of catering establishments.

They are devices with very large touch screens that allow users to select the dishes they want to order from the menu, and then pay for them directly from the totem and go and collect them at the counter once they are ready, or have them brought by the waiter to the table.

Ordering therefore becomes more and more "self", leaving ample room for maneuver for the customer. The waiting time at the counter (in the case of fast food) or at the table is eliminated, but it also takes away work from the employees.

Did you know that many consumers say they give up buying if they queue? Revolutionize your sales with our Multimedia Kiosk. Make the service faster and smoother, so you won't lose a single customer. Using the multimedia kiosk, people will be able to order independently and safely, and your collaborators will be more focused on preparing the dishes. A small change, simply revolutionary.

What you can do with our kiosk:

Present your menu at its best
Customize it with your restaurant logo, photos of your dishes and all the information on your specialities. Present your menu in the best possible way by creating the categories you prefer and combining each one with one of the available icons. Enrich them with images and descriptions of the dishes and enter prices, ingredients and allergen specifications. Offer your customers the convenience of having everything in view and creating their menu in complete autonomy.

Increase Sales
Your customers will be able to decide whether to order take-away or eat on the spot, request changes to dishes, personalize additions, access discounts and promotions and pay in total autonomy and security.

The cost of the all-inclusive Multimedia Kiosk is Euro 4000 + VAT.