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Delivery Market Place

Delivery Market Place

But what exactly is a marketplace? The Marketplace, or virtual market, is an online platform that allows companies to get in touch and sell their products to a large number of users-consumers, all directly on the web.

In our case, we are talking about marketplaces that operate in the food delivery sector, i.e. home delivery of ready-to-eat food (just like Just Eat, glovo, fuddapp, etc.). Marketplaces, or virtual markets, of this type allow restaurateurs to sell their dishes online so that users can choose what and when to order those dishes at home.

If you want to start a marketplace and enter the food delivery market, we can help you with our platform.

All you have to do is contact us and ask for information, we will be able to start you up and advise you on using the best tools to start your business.

But how does the food delivery order take place?

Let's say that for a user who spends a lot of time between PCs and smartphones, it's quite simple:

Just connect to the platform;
Write the address of your home, complete with house number and zip code;
Select the type of cuisine (pizza, Italian, Chinese, Japanese cuisine, etc.) - an option usually available in large cities;
Consult a more or less long list of businesses that have paid that marketplace to be there and to appear as possible search results;
Reach a minimum amount established by the restaurateur (15.00 euros on average) and pay online (recently, some marketplaces also offer the option of paying in cash on delivery).

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Delivery Market Place

Delivery Market Place