Holistic perspective of travel

The advent of artificial intelligence


Dear friends, we want to talk about the holistic perspective of travel by sector operators in the age of artificial intelligence.

We saw in a previous post how artificial intelligence is, very quickly and undoubtedly revolutionizing many aspects of the tourism industry, offering innovative solutions such as chat bots for customer assistance and automatic creation of complex holidays. These automated tools undoubtedly offer greater efficiency, allowing travelers to plan their trips in an “artificial” way, find the best fares and book directly through AI.

However, we cannot underestimate the intrinsic value of agencies and tour operators in the Italian tourist landscape. They represent the beating heart of the industry, offering a number of benefits that artificial intelligence today probably cannot replicate.

First, agencies and tour operators offer a human and personalized experience, something that is often missing from digital interactions. Professional travel agents can understand clients' specific needs, empathize with them and recommend destinations, itineraries and activities, taking care of every detail to deliver an unforgettable travel experience.

Secondly, agencies and tour operators have a key advantage in handling unexpected situations. Whether it's last-minute changes in travel plans or emergencies during the trip itself, experienced travel agents know how to handle these situations efficiently and effectively, offering immediate assistance and ongoing support to their customers.

It is however true that technologies have actually made the work of these companies more efficient and effective, allowing them to offer an even better service but above all faster in creating a personalized experience, but we are really ready to replace it in favor of artificial intelligence?