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Web marketing

Web marketing

The universe of digital marketing is constantly evolving. As demand for new technologies and better digital experiences increases, the way businesses engage with customers will drive the ability to turn searches into purchases.

All our platforms, websites, apps and digital products are SEO friendly, and therefore indexed in the main search engines, but in 2023 digital marketing trends follow multiple paths.

With the help of our specialized partners, we have planned 6 digital marketing strategies that can help you get the best results in terms of online visibility:

1. Short-form video is king

If content is king, video content is queen. Video marketing can be incredibly effective at increasing levels of engagement, and consumer interest in video shows no sign of slowing down.

  • YouTube is already overtaking Facebook as the second most visited site (Google is on the podium, obviously);
  • TikTok continues to grind remarkable results;
  • Forrester recently found that videos are 53 times more likely to generate front page placements than other traditional SEO techniques;
  • Hubspot has shown that 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service thanks to a video;
  • More than 50% of people watch a product video before buying.

These data demonstrate how the Video First approach really works.

However, it is good to focus on short visual content for social media platforms in order to involve as many customers as possible to stand out in the market.

2. Social media may have lost its way

Among the 7 digital marketing strategies, building trust and nurturing relationships is on the podium. This is the mantra of social media.

The main road to avoid the loss of followers and engagement. How to do? Increase the degree of interaction with your target audiences.

One solution is to encourage users to respond to a CTA by subscribing to your newsletter or by landing them on an attractive landing page.

3. Audience development is key

Often sharing and commenting on content excites us. We think we have fully achieved the objectives of our strategy but, later, we bitterly discover that those who share and comment are not always really interested in what we say. For this reason, the queen of every strategy is audience development.

And the best way to generate a captive audience is email.

People who sign up for newsletters and notifications are really interested in the content because they have opted in to receive it. This is a good way to determine the interest of the target audience.

But how to consolidate them? You have to feed them and guide them along the way to avoid significant losses. When a user crosses the threshold, she must constantly receive highly engaged content to transform him into a buyer. Without a solid development strategy, the public remains passive and will not lead us to the achievement of the objectives.







4. Leverage artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence is useful for creating or repurposing content very quickly. Certainly one cannot rely on Artificial Intelligence believing that one is aiming for originality.

AI comes to our rescue to make content generation less stressful.

Not only in the creative phase but also, and above all, in the phases of analysis of an impressive amount of data. Thanks to it, in fact, we can find out who to contact, when to do it and what to communicate.

Artificial intelligence is a valid support, not a substitute for us. And, in fact, it helps us understand what content to generate and what information to consider to amaze our audience.

5. Pursue co-marketing and collaboration opportunities

Co-marketing and partnerships are a useful strategy for mutually increasing awareness of a company's brand.

Leveraging on another brand's expertise is also a way to develop new content creation opportunities and press releases.

An example? Tap into your own LinkedIn network. For example, if someone in your network asks you to collaborate on an episode of their podcast, you might benefit from it, so it will be a great way to share knowledge with a new audience.

Local networking events also offer many opportunities to build relationships with industry peers who can become collaboration partners.

6. Focus on SEO that matters

In 2022, Google rolled out several algorithm updates, two of which were heavily focused on ensuring that ranking domains produce useful content that is actually relevant to the audience. This means that for 2023 it will be necessary to favor quality over quantity.

We don't just build your keyword strategy.

We aim to make you the authority on the topic and earn the trust of your audience by focusing on the usefulness of the content.

Request a consultation on the 6 marketing strategies for your company now.